ARTISAN CLADDING SYSTEMS LIMITED are dedicated to quality results. ACP material carries the manufacturer’s warranty due to compliance with fixing protocols and use of approved associated components. ARTISAN’s proven record guarantees a superior result with customer satisfaction.

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) are widely utilised today in the construction industry as both internal and external cladding for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The superior architectural qualities, mechanical strength, light-weight, weather-resistant and insulation properties, together with permanence and design flexibility, provide solutions to many engineering and construction criteria.

ARTISAN CLADDING SYSTEMS LIMITED is a leader in the fabrication and installation of this cladding medium for the construction industry in New Zealand. Our experienced people, specialised equipment, proven systems, and use of high quality materials, combine to ensure quality results and satisfied customers. ARTISAN undertakes cladding projects throughout New Zealand.

Qualified tradesmen, skilled operators, and the latest electronic equipment, are all engaged by ARTISAN throughout the whole process.

There are four distinct stages to every ACP cladding project – the preliminary planning to which the ARTISAN team applies strict protocols and careful attention to detail, as this is essential for successful execution; the fabrication of panels at ARTISAN’s dedicated Palmerston North manufacturing facility; transport of completed panels to site using ARTISAN’s proprietary methods and our own fully enclosed vehicles to eliminate damage to the product surfaces; and finally the efficient, secure, and watertight installation to our own exacting standards.

ARTISAN works with all the major suppliers in New Zealand of composite aluminium sheet, using approved fabrication and installation systems where special colours otherwise unavailable, are required, specialised automotive painting techniques can be used to provide customised solutions.

ARTISAN employ umbrella cad service’s for accurate and detailed CAD drawings which are provided with dimensions and fixing details. ARTISAN can assist with provision of material specifications where required, advises on sub-surface preparation, details site requirements prior to installation, and conducts pre-installation site inspections. Our site staff are certified and comply with site-safety requirements.